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Damon Mauro of Jacksonville, FL
  I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding support and technical expertise that I received from Tom (GTO1369) / Tiberio Performance in Tampa, Florida. Tom assisted me in my car modifications to reach my goals and took into consideration my limited budget and limited timeline for the project. Tom also went above and beyond to ensure that my car was done right the first time. Tom expertly guided me every step of the way to help me understand what was going on with my car and what modification
combinations would net me the most “bang for the buck” in horsepower.

You may hear a lot of different opinions on “get this and that” but Tom was to the point throwing out all irrelevant modifications and getting to the heart of things with years of professional racing experience, mechanics along with paint and fabrication, under his belt and there was no job too big or too small for him. Granted at times he was, and can be extremely outspoken, but this is due to his passion for cars as a whole and you have to appreciate and respect that in him.

Tom also did outstanding work in supporting me after the installation process answering any other additional questions I had. Along with his affiliation with Jeremy Formato at Faster Proms was even more of a reason for me go to this one stop shop to get all my modifications done along with all my professional tuning needs. Once all is said and done Tiberio Performance in my opinion is one of the best performance shops out there and well worth the time and drive. Thanks again Tom you have a customer for life!

2006 Pontiac GTO A4 | 400hp/370tq *cam only*

Long Nguyen of Fort Myers, FL

There is not enough I can say about Tom and his work. I met Tom through his wife Tracy back in 2005 on because I was looking for some body work done such as upgrade the rear bumper, hood, and front bumper extension, this required not only knowledge of the car, but also experience in body work and outstanding paint knowledge since the car is Cosmos Purple, a very hard color to blend or even get right. Tom not only went in and installed and painted everything correctly but also fixed mistakes done previously by a Pontiac Dealership. Even with the car being there for a while waiting for parts, he treated it as his own, and more importantly with care.

Since then, Tom has done numerous installations for myself such as my Supercharger, Cam, Suspension components, Methanol Kit, and other miscellaneous components.

His work is excellent in so many areas, I find myself driving 5+ hours from Savannah, GA (at school) just for him to detail my car. He is a wetsanding master and gotten the orange peel from the factory off of my car and can treat your leather to make it feel like it has been reupholstered and brand new.

Tom's knowledge is quite remarkable on many subjects from drag racing to installation, I have learned much just by hanging around him and watch him work his magic.

Words cannot express my gradutitude for this man's work and experience, and I have no doubt nor hesitation when I say Tibero Performance will not let you down in your quest to perfect the look and performance of your vehicle.

2004 Pontiac GTO A4 | 460hp/430tq *Magnacharged*

Luis Santiago of Chicago, IL
  Since the day I bought my car, I have always wondered if I would be able to make changes. Moving from Chicago to Orlando, Florida, for school purposes, I met a man named Tom Tiberio. What started as having my car detailed turned into one of the best customer relationships and friendship. Any time I needed anything done to my car, Tom has always been there with a helping hand and an open mind. Top of the line and high quality work is all you receive from Mr. Tiberio. He is the best there is and now the only person I want to work with when it comes to my car. Since meeting him, I had no doubts in his work because he is very trustworthy. Mr. Tiberio does not settle for less than perfection and will not settle until you are pleased. Even when Mr. Tiberio has a ton of work, he is always willing to take you in and make time. You simply cannot go wrong with Tiberio Performance! Everyone who is associated with Tiberio Performance follows a high line of quality and performance conduct. Tiberio Performance is not just an average place to take your car, but it is a place of perfection and satisfaction.

The prices are unbelievably affordable and you cannot find anything better. Tiberio Performance is the definition of excellence, there simply is no other.

2004 Pontiac GTO A4

Kevin DiOssi

In the car world, it’s great to have friends. I would have never heard about Tom’s shop unless my friends and tuner had not referred me to him, and boy am I glad they did. The first time I was at Tom’s shop there was something that stood out to me and that was the cleanliness. There is nothing like a well organized and well maintained shop, and Tiberio Performance is that. The second thing I noticed was how well Tom presented himself, and the vibe that he gave off. He spoke with confidence and with experience under his belt, and I could tell that he was very knowledgeable. With years of racing experience under his belt, and his ambition for performance, I felt comfortably leaving my car in his hands to have work done. A quick look at his work completed on one of many local cars he had taken his wrench to was more than enough to win me over. When it cam time for my cam installation, he was very proactive with keeping me informed on the car, as well as explaining everything to me. He finished fast, and was very reasonably priced. I have found my new shop now, and will be sure to go to him for any of my future performance needs.

2001 Camaro SS (Automatic)

Rob Saini of Tampa, FL

I found out about Tom right after I got my car in Nov 2005 at the carwash on Fowler. I met more interesting people thru him and know quite a bit of the Goat community. He and Tracy are our RESIDENT EXECUTIVE DECISION MAKERS and it couldn't be any better. Few months down the road, someone backed into my back bumper. I recall that I was so depressed that I didn't even try to go to dealership for estimates. I approached Tom with it out of the blue and he gave me details on how he could fix it and for how much. I was excited, I had seen his work in past few months while I visited the car wash. I couldn't believe that he would do the work for such a good price for me. It turned out great and one can't even tell that something happened to the bumper at one time. Few months ago, I pulled the plunger and had him do some basic mods on the car too. Now the car drives like a dream. Hope to do more business with him always. Thank You.

2005 Pontiac GTO (M6)

Doctor Dave Martin of Ocala, FL

Tom at Tiberio Performance has done all my performance mods on my 2004 GTO since I've moved to Florida. There is no doubt that I'm very anal about my GTO and finally I've found someone as anal as me when it comes to any and all things that pertains to cars. These items were installed/performed by Tom: Cam & associated valvetrain, Pacesetter long tube headers, 2006 split exhaust with 2006 bumper swap, Vortec SQ S-Trim Supercharger, full exterior Monaro conversion, spoiler delete, and drag bags. Tom's attention to detail is second to none and his installations look FACTORY. His body and paint work is better then factory and he stands behind his work 100%. I highly recommend Tom at Tiberio Performance for all your GTO and performance GM needs.

2004 Pontiac GTO (M6) Vortech Supercharged

Randy Greene of Tampa, FL

Allright, enough of this new school stuff how about some old school testimonial. I have had numerous cars maintained, rebuilt, repaired, and performance upgraded over the past 6 years by Tom and will go nowhere else. I have currently a 1968 Pontiac GTO & a 2004 Roush Cobra Mustang. Tom has performed paint, body, engine rebuilding, disc brake conversion, tuning, exhaust, brake work, electrical, fabrication, welding, and he refuses to do a job unless its done correctly. He will also not call a job done until he satisfied that is done right, will perform to specs, and the work will not be back for rework. What most people don't know about Tom is that he is a performance & restoration expert when it comes to early model Pontiacs. Toms knowledge on cars old & new is not just from research and schooling, but from owning these cars and doing most of the research & development in his own cars, driving them to the limit, spending time at the track, as well as everyday driving to find out what works and what is a waste of money.

If you want your car to look its best, or be the fastest reliable car on the block, need a correct restoration for your old school muscle, then I highly recommend you give Tom & Tracy at Tiberio Performance a call. You will never regret the decision to do business with them.

1968 Pontiac GTO & 2004 Roush Cobra Mustang

Joey D of Bradenton, FL

Knowledge. Skill. Trust. Three simple words that are extremely important in any business, especially when it comes to the world of Automotive Performance, Modification and Fabrication. They are even more important considerations when the owner of a high-performance car has limited experience with such vehicles. I certainly qualify as a member of that group.

From the first time I met Tom Tiberio (via, it was immediately apparent that his knowledge of automobile performance, modification and fabrication was broad-based. Whether the topic of discussion centered around a particular vintage muscle car, or my new generation Pontiac GTO, it was clear the man really knows his stuff. And that is not all that surprising since Tom displays the technical skills necessary when in the shop and under the hood, but he has also been behind the wheel of many a high-performance (7 to 9 second 1/4 mile ET) drag racing car. Be the topic "ripping the competitor and taking him at the stripe", to calculating a cam's effective lift after changing out OEM rocker arms for ones with a different ratio, Tom has the knowledge to make your ride whatever you tell him you want it to be.

As the co-captains of what we jokingly call "Team Italy", his skills have successfully been demonstrated on both my prior '04 6-speed GTO as well as my '06, LS2-powered A4 GTO. From custom painting the front grills and making a true "one-off" hood that incorporates hood scoops that mirror those from the original 1968-1970, his skills in painting and body work are the best around. Want to talk performance mods, he's successfully completed the installation of my camshaft and value train peripherals, headers, exhaust system complete with electric cutouts, underdrive pulleys, rear suspension components and a very stealthy nitrous dry shot system. Impressive is the fact that while the bulk of these modifications have been on the car for over 16k miles to date, there has not been one mechanical or electrical failure to any component that Tom worked on. To me, that spells "Skill".

In today's business world, everyone is a sales person. I'm a banker - what do I sell? I sell money. And while I find myself working in a very competitive industry where every bank in town offers pretty much the same products and services, one of the keys to me being a successful banker is gaining the trust of my clients. They expect me to sell them what they need and what will work for their particular situation; Not necessarily what they think they want, or what I may think they want. As a business, Tiberio Performance is not too dissimilar to my employer. As the owner of Tiberio Performance, Tom first listens to what my performance and vehicle appearance goals are, discusses options that he believes will help me achieve those goals, recommends the appropriate products and steers me clear from the abundance of automotive gimmicks that will do nothing for me or my car.

At the end of the day, my car does everything I want... and it's my daily driver. I can trust it to get me from my home, to my office, to my clients' offices and projects. A 2700 mile vacation with my wife and grandson in 5 days??? No Problem!!! Not to mention multiple trips down the 1/4 mile drag strip, many that are made faster than the majority of my competitors that line up against me in the other lane. Yes, I trust my car to not let me down and it hasn't to date. The same way I trust Tom Tiberio and Tiberio Performance. To date, they've never let me down. And there is no reason to think that will change.

2006 Pontiac GTO A4 & 2004 Pontiac GTO M6

Andrew Grayson of FL
  I was introduced to Tom earlier this year (2007) after making the move down to Florida, and after listening to him talk about different performance topics on GTO's that day I was thoroughly impressed with his wealth of knowledge and with his attitude. He was very honest to whom he spoke with about modifications and whatnot, which most people are not used to receiving from many others. I had always done bolt-ons to my other vehicles on my own or with the help of someone, but I was planning on doing a few things to my current GTO that I would not trust my inexperienced self with doing. I've heard so much great feedback of Tom's work, and I really wanted someone that would take good care of my car and the installation of these items. I didn't even have to think about the decision to take my car to Tiberio Performance. I'm usually somewhat inconfident with someone else working on my car, mainly because I always like to have things done the way that I would personally do them. Tom has such a passion for doing things no way but the right way, and that left me the least bit worried.

When the day for the installation came Tom worked a very late night to try to have my car ready the next day for tuning so that I could make the hour and a half drive back home the day of the tuning to return to work the following day. He installed my torque converter, camshaft kit, transmission cooler, and trimmed my fender lips all with great planning and care. After all was done I could not tell that the car had been touched after looking in the engine bay. Everything was put back perfectly, no missing parts/pieces, etc. That's something that I have not experienced when dropping my other vehicles off at a shop for repair work or anything else. Tom did not forget to install or tighten a single bolt and that's a major thing that makes a person feel comfortable with trusting someone to take your car into their hands.

Anything else major that I plan to have done to my car I know that I can trust Tiberio Perfomance, and I will definitely come back. Tom has settled my uneasy feeling of someone else working on my car and I know that he will do the same for you. His skills and knowledge are second to none, and if you're thinking about having work done to your car then I hope that you, too, feel very comfortable about bringing it to Tiberio Performance and get the job done right the first time!

2005 Pontiac GTO (A4) Magnacharger